Coronavirus death toll could be 40 times worse than 9/11 for working class seniors

I went out for the first time in several days to get groceries and dog food yesterday. It was overall pretty distressing to see what appeared to be a completely normal Chicago Saturday: traffic, pedestrians, St Patrick’s Day bar crawlers. One thing that really struck me, though, was our white-haired, senior citizen cashier at Petsmart. […] Portal Viewer: Understanding 3D Charts with Motion Parallax via Face Tracking

In this article, I present a new open-source software tool for exploring and gaining insights from 3D data visualizations, plotly-portal-viewer. It leverages machine learning-powered face tracking software and visual perception science to provide a convincing illusion of real depth using nothing more than a typical mobile device or laptop with a webcam. Why 3D? “Doomed […]

How to Turn Your ggplot2 Visualization into an Interactive Tweet

I love how the modern Web and free software are like Lego blocks you can combine in myriad ways to create new and interesting things. While working on a recent analysis of climate policy leadership records for 2020 presidential candidates, I decided to try mashing together a few cool technologies I’d worked with to see […]

Bernie Sanders leads the pack in climate policy

In 2015, the political action committee Climate Hawks Vote produced a scorecard for sitting senators on their leadership in climate policy advocacy across 6 dimensions: public engagement, legislation sponsorship, legislation co-sponsorship, caucus membership, website information, and press releases. Most of the prominent candidates (and potential candidates) for the 2020 Democratic presidential primary are included in […]

Filibuster Gorsuch to Honor Mitch McConnell’s Wishes

Dear Senators Duckworth and Durbin, I believe the Senate should respect Majority Leader Mitch McConnel’s wishes by blocking the confirmation vote for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. In March of 2016, Senator Mitch McConnell told NPR reporters that he wouldn’t allow hearings for then-President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, as a matter of principle. […]

Voting Access and 2016 Democratic Primary Results

This is a demonstration project for an experimental visualization method I’ve been working on: 2-dimensional color mapping with colorplanes. The choropleth displays the 50 U.S states (and DC) ranked by two factors: ease of access to voting and the percentage of the vote (or equivalent for caucuses) that went to Senator Bernie Sanders whose primary […]

Harry Enten’s Dirty Lie – Bernie Actually Has Big Lead with True Independents

I haven’t been posting much because I decided my time is better spent phonebanking and canvassing, but this egregious abuse of numbers brought me back for a quick one. FiveThirtyEight’s Harry Enten published an article this week titled Sanders Isn’t Doing Well With True Independents with the thesis that the 23% of self-described independents who are truly […]

Why Vox’s Numbers for Bernie Sanders’s Tax Plans Are So Wrong

Having completed a thorough analysis of the impact of Bernie Sanders’s tax plans on incomes for individuals and families across the income spectrum, I was curious to see why the numbers in this article by Dylan Matthews in Vox were so different. Reviewing his analysis, I found that there were some analytical decisions we differed […]

More About Bernie’s Taxes: Bachelors, Businesses, & Billionaires

In the time that has passed since my original Just How Much Would Bernie Sanders Tax Me? analysis,the Sanders campaign has experienced a virtual tie in the Iowa Caucuses and a significant win in New Hampshire. This makes an accurate perspective on Senator Sanders’s proposals even more important, as the campaign draws more scrutiny due […]

Just How Much Would Bernie Sanders Tax Me?

This post has been edited to correct an overestimation of taxes under Bernie’s Social Security tax plan. A detailed log of changes is available on Github (04/21/2016) There are a lot of misleading and false rumors being spread about democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders’s tax plans (TODO: link to Mom’s Facebook page for examples). With […]

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